DallasWaterjet takes your design from concept, to cutting, to completion with our turnkey fabrication services. These include machining, brake forming, weld and spot-welding, and finishing of traditional and non-traditional fabrication materials.

Whatever the application, DallasWaterjet’s experienced team will see it through to completion, whether we’re creating structural components, perforated plates, fixtures, brackets, gaskets, or industrial parts. DallasWaterjet serves customers in diverse industries such as manufacturing, energy, construction, architecture, technology, and retail.



  • 5-axis—3D
  • 13 ft x 6.5 ft working envelope
  • +/-0.0015” per 3 ft. accuracy
  • 0.003” repeatability


  • GMAW—single pass to .5”, AWS qualified
  • Spot

Brake Forming

  • 65 ton


  • Vertical mill
  • Lathe trimming

Sheet Metal Hardware

  • Stubs, threaded inserts
  • Clinched & captive fasteners

Infrared Cutting

This infrared image of Waterjet cutting demonstrates the ability of the waterjet process to cut any material into any shape with no heat affected zone or damage to the base material.